Panhead 88" Long Block


Image of Panhead 88" Long Block

VT No: 10-2014
Panhead long block comes assembled and tested for oil pressure with natural finish.
88" Panhead long block features alternator left hand case and generator right hand case. Long block is assembled with S&S crankcases, oil pump and breather assembly, 4-1/4" stroke flywheels, Timken main bearings, cam with matched pinion gear installed with Torrington bearing. Also assembled with a cam cover, points ignition with automatic advanced distributor, chrome lifter blocks fitted with hydraulic tappets and pushrods, S&S 3-5/8" cylinders with 7.75:1 ratio pistons and rings. Top end also features 3-5/8" Big Bore single plug Panheads with Shovelhead exhaust pipes and intake parts are fitted with rocker arm assemblies. Entire unit is pre-run and tested for proper oil pump pressure. Order o-ring type intake manifold and carburetor separately. Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is supplied.

FL 1948-1965

Country of Origin: USA