Shovelhead 80" Long Block


Image of Shovelhead 80" Long Block

VT No: 10-2001
Assembled and tested for oil pressure.
80" Shovelhead long block features crankcase, oil pump and breather assembly, 4-1/4" stroke flywheel, bearings, stock cam matched with pinion and cam gear with bearing. Assembly is supplied with a chrome nose cover, chrome lifter blocks fitted with hydraulic tappets and stock style pushrods. Cylinders are 3-1/2" with standard compression pistons and rings. Top end includes stock type single plug heads with stainless steel valves. Pre-run factory tested for oil pressure. Order manifold, stator and ignition system separately. Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is supplied.
FL 1971-1984
FX 1971-1984
Country of Origin: USA